Costa Rica Geisha

Costa Rica Geisha

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Roast: Light

Region: Tarrazu

Producer: Jim Mcenany, Hacienda La Pradera

Process: washed anaerobic

Varietal: geisha

Flavor Notes: juicy, mango, honeydew

The story of this except ional coffee begins in 2008 when our coffee buddy from La Minita, Jim Mcenany, brought Geisha seeds to Vermont from Panama. Native to Ethiopia, the Geisha coffee varietal is regarded as one of the world's finest for its uniquely sweet, floral flavor. In 2014, once the seeds were flowered in, Jim introduced them to the nursery at Finca la Pradera in Costa Rica, a neighboring farm to Hacienda La Minita. Now mature, this coffee is in just its 5th season of production in 2022.

What makes this coffee extra special is Jim's early adoption of the anaerobic fermentation process. Immediately after hand-picking, the coffee is de-pulped at Beneficio Rio Tarazzu, La Minita's state of the art mill. After de-pulping, the coffee is transferred into sealed degassing fermentation tanks for 72 hours. The coffee is then given a final wash and sun dried on raised beds for 14 days.

Once in our possession, our goal in roast ing this special coffee was to highlight this unique process. The result is a juicy cup bursting with flavors of mango and honeydew.