El Salvador Chalchuapa

El Salvador Chalchuapa

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Roast: Light

Region: Apaneca - Illamantepec Mountain Range

Micro-Region: Chalchuapa, Santa Ana

Producer: Rafael Silva, La Siberia

Process: natural, sundried on raised beds

Varietal: pacamara

Altitude: 1450-1650 masl

Flavor Notes: tropical fruits, vibrant acidity, rounded body


Farm Info:

We come from a long line of coffee growers and our agricultural practices have been inherited from father to son for over six generations. Back in 1870, Fabio Morán and Epifanio Silva decided to conquer the hostile territory of the Santa Ana region of El Salvador, sowing coffee trees in one of the highest summits of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. They named the farm La Siberia, for its chaotic weather conditions, along with its difficult accessibility. Because of its unique micro-climate, coffee matures later in Siberia than in the rest of our farms. Fabio Moran and Epifanio Silva used to bring the coffee down using mules. They would go up and down the mountain carrying every single bag picked with the local workers. One century later, Rafael Silva inherited the property.